Miller Tannuri Jiu Jitsu Bondi Beach                     


Luiz Tannuri
4th degree Black Belt
"My name is Luiz Tannuri awarded 4th degree BJJ Black Belt by Master Ricardo Pinheiro "Tanque" Reis (5th degree BJJ Black Belt), he was awarded by Fabricio Martins (7th degree BJJ Black Belt) and who was awarded by Grand Master Osvaldo Alves de Albuquerque (BJJ Red Belt), who is the most graduated BJJ Grand Master alive in the world. Also I´m Judo Black Belt by Sansei Takeshi Miura (Judo Red Belt). Our International Competition Team is FIT (Fabricio International Team). I live in Brasilia, Brazil, the city where I was born. And after I have lived one year in Australia I am honoured to have Danny Higgins, Cameron Quinn' and Ben Miller' Academies with our team. Thank you my friends to be part of my history. Ossu." Luiz Tannuri
Ben Miller
1st Degree Black Belt
I have been training BJJ in Bondi Beach since 2002 and have been teaching since 2004. After many successful years competing in state, national and Pan Pacific competition I was able to establish my own academy in North Bondi in 2010. Since then I have been dedicated myself to training a successful competition team and now have champions of all ages.
I have had the opportunity to travel the world with Jiu Jitsu and have trained throughout North America, Brazil, Europe and Asia.
We proudly represent Fabricio International Team here in Sydney and welcome everyone to come and train the beautiful 'gentle art'!
Lex Deasley
Black Belt
Lex started training BJJ in 2005 while living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, under the tutelage of Gracie Barra team original, Marcelo Yogui (Yogui Jiu Jitsu). After moving back to England, Lex trained under world and ADCC champion, Roger Gracie at his academy in West London, being promoted to purple belt by the legendary Mauricio Motta Gomes (Roger's father) in 2008. In 2010 Lex moved to Sydney and has been training under prof. Ben Miller since. Lex's competition success includes two consecutive gold medals in the Copa Bitetti and a silver medal in the Rio de Janeiro state championships.
Alvaro Nobrega de Oliveira
Brown Belt
I was introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at a very young age. Returned to the sport in 2011 and in 2012 I was graded to Blue Belt by Thiago Domingues a student of Master Ricardo De La Riva. At that same time I started to help assisting the head coaches of the academy. As I continued on the journey, in October 2015 I was promoted to Brown Belt by professor Rinaldo Santos, 4th Degree Black Belt awarded by Master Carlson Gracie Sr. himself. I have competed in multiple competitions in the United States and Australia, with great results in most of them. In early march 2015 I was able to win my first competition as a Brown Belt and in a record time of 45 seconds. I moved to Sydney in March 2016 where I will continue the journey and help team mates to achieve their best in the sport under the tutelage of Professor Ben Miller. I am a firm believer of Old School traditional Jiu Jitsu as a base for any future modern champion.