Miller Tannuri Jiu Jitsu Bondi Beach                     


'I've been training with Ben and the team for about 2 years now, and after having travelled to a many academies overseas I can say that few instructors are as good as him at making Jiu-Jitsu seem simple. Not only the vibe is great but being able to walk down to the beach from the academy for a swim after training is just priceless!' - Andres Rodriguez

'Great place, awesome trainer, everybody is really friendly, no attitude and killer Jiu Jitsu. I love it' - Eamon Vale

"I've trained at Miller - Tannuri both times I visited Sydney from the UK. Ben Miller is an outstanding black belt instructor and his students train at a very high level. Having always trained at The Roger Gracie Academy HQ in London I've had the privelage of receiving world class coaching and I can safely say that Ben Miller is up there with the best of them. The classes were technical and tough and the team made me feel really welcome. I thoroughly enjoyed training there and came away with loads of new techniques and many new friends. Thoroughly recommended, I will definitely train there again." - Greg Sulzmann

"Coming from 20 years of Striking, as athlete and Trainer and having worked as Performance Coach for Fighters (MMA, Boxing, K1 and Thai) for the past decade, between London and Sydney, I can certainly say this is among the best places I have trained so far. Coach Miller is a great Instructor. Not only he made me feel welcome from day 1, but the whole crew is super friendly and supportive. Coach Miller is very analytical in the explanations and teaches one thing at the time, very detailed and precise. As a Coach I must mention also that I noticed how the Coach does not want everyone to fight the same way: Coach Ben shows the same ' platform' to everyone, but at the same time gives everyone personal advices on which is the best way to approach the technique for their individual body type/skill/structure. This is not something you find in every gym! I am loving my time here and can only recommend anyone interested in learning or improving their BJJ to pay a visit to the Academy, with the utter belief that you will not be disappointed!" - Marco Mastrorocco

"Ben and the Miller Tannuri crew are both amazing instructors and friendly and supportive people. The Miller set up is more of a family than a gym, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for both a physical and mental challenge." - Ben Kelly

"Ben Miller has been my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor for ten years now and has been my favourite coach in my 20 year combat sporting life (boxing, wrestling and BJJ). Ben provides a new school of thorough instruction with demonstrations and explanations using physics and careful wording to make even those difficult to teach students excel (me being one of them ! I have a terrible memory). He is kind and great with kids, who all love him , but make no mistake, he teaches discipline as a bi product of martial arts / combat sports instruction and doesn't accept people who are messing around when he is teaching! So behave and listen (i.e. what you are paying for! :) ) and you will get along brilliantly. There are a lot of thugs and hot heads in this industry, not to mention 'corn flake box' black belts from unknown Black belts. Ben is surely NOT one of these. Training under reputable instructors for his entire career, solid competition experience and general intelligence, look no further than Miller Tannuri Jiu Jitsu for your skill development. A lot of fight crews preach 'family' values and you feel isolated at training. Ben makes you feel welcome and has a great team of trainees who are also polite, kind and intelligent and make you feel welcome irrespective of whether you are a white or black belt. I will never change my Jiu Jitsu instructor no matter how far I now live from Bondi Beach. It's a worthwhile commute!" - Dave Gordon